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Estefanía: Student Story

Estefanía: Student Story

Where did you grow up?

“I was born in a small town Quetzaltenango. That’s in Guatemala – Central America. I lived in Guatemala for 19 years, then I moved to Mexico City for four years and I’ve lived here in Chicago for two years. “

What did you do in Mexico City?

“I studied a minor in musical theater and a major in dramatic arts. My minor at Universidad de la Música and my major at Instituto Andrés Soler.”

And how did you find Green Shirt?

“I asked my cousin Jeff if he knew of any schools…he told me, ‘They use the Meisner technique, I don’t know if you’ve learned that.’ And I was like, uh-uh, I don’t know anything about Meisner. And I, like, honestly at first I was like, I’m only going to do Level 1 but Meisner really trapped me, I was like, ‘Wow this is so different, this is so cool.’ So I did Levels 1- 5.”

What’s been one of your biggest take-aways from Levels 1-5 of the Meisner program here?

“Acting is honoring, in a way, acting is honoring being alive so when you act you honor human emotions. Finding the beautiful in the discomfort, I think that has been my favorite part of the whole process. You know because even though it hurts, like, being able to really sit down with your emotions and really, wooo, let them flow in the scene or the exercise you’re doing, I think that’s beautiful. Yeah it makes us human or it reminds us of our vulnerability as humans, I think that’s beautiful.”



Interested in trying our Level 1 acting class in Chicago? Visit this link to see the upcoming schedule!