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Meisner Acting Program

A step by step approach that demystifies the craft of acting and offers a specific process to tackle a script.

All experience levels are invited to join Level 1: Living Truthfully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have to miss a class?

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    We hope students can make it to 100% of their class but know that other things in life sometimes take priority. If you know you’re going to need to miss a class, let your instructor know. If there’s another section of your class currently being offered at the studio, we can arrange for a make-up so you won’t miss any material. If there isn’t another section of your class, instructors are always at the studio 30 minutes before class starts so you can get to your next class early and talk you through what you missed.

    We recommend waiting to enroll until you’re able to commit to more of the classes if you know that you’re going to miss more than 2 classes in a session before signing up. 

  • I’m a professional actor. Do I need to start at level 1?

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    The Meisner Technique is a very structured approach to acting. If you have not had any experience with Meisner, we require new students to start with Level 1: Living Truthfully.

    This method heavily relies on things that you will learn at every level. A heightened acting experience is well worth the extra dedication. Besides, we are sure that you will still find plenty of challenges throughout your entire Green Shirt Studio education!

  • Will these classes help further my acting career?

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    Of course! After graduating our Meisner Acting Program, you will know what steps to take every time you pick up a new script. You’ll understand how to be more present, authentically connect to emotions, and take the guesswork out of your acting. Our Specialized Classes will help you develop skills related to a more niche element of your acting career like developing your speaking voice, on camera skills, or personal storytelling.

    Not only will our classes make you a better actor, but they will also open up our vast community of actors and artists. There have been many instances of actors finding network opportunities in the Green Shirt Community, and we encourage you to have a look for yourself on our Facebook Page!

  • How much do classes cost?

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    Learning to act takes time, dedication, and great training. We can provide the training. All you need to do is bring your passion. Our classes have been proven as an accessible and affordable way to jump start your acting career. Former students have gone on to work in TV, Film, and Theater with the training that they’ve received from our seasoned acting instructors. Our classes have also helped countless students develop interpersonal and transferable professional skills not necessarily related to pursuing an acting career.

    Our Meisner Program Classes usually cost $330, but you should keep your eye out for early bird specials! We also offer other Specialized Classes that can be as low as $150.

    We also offer payment plans for acting classes, so that you can easily work a class into your budget.

  • What is “The Meisner Technique?”

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    Renowned actor and acting instructor Sanford Meisner developed a groundbreaking technique that demystified the craft of acting. The process that he taught to countless professional actors was built on listening, being present and learning to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

    Here at Green Shirt Studio, we guide students through 5 levels of Meisner’s training with our Meisner Acting Program. By completing all five levels, students learn a specific, step by step process to successfully tackle any script from stage to screen. We started teaching the Meisner technique in Chicago in 2009 and have worked with thousands of students to help them develop their craft. The Meisner technique is renowned for its specific, straightforward structure that makes it accessible to beginners while challenging experienced actors who haven’t encountered it before.

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