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Why I Started Let’s Read A Play

Why I Started Let’s Read A Play

By Green Shirt Instructor Jack Disselhorst

I started Let’s Read a Play, a free, open-to-everyone play reading series, because I love plays. But I do not love reading plays. At least not alone in my apartment, where the voice in my head has to play every part. Reading any play in solitude doesn’t do justice to the liveliness of a script spoken by multiple voices.

The thing that keeps me coming back to acting is the ineffable experience of collaboration with other artists. When we’re all in a room together, offering our unique voices to a common goal—it makes me feel connected to something bigger. I also love the buoying feeling of community; I love leaving a play and bursting into conversation with friends, swatting around opinions like a game of badminton.

I love how a good play makes me feel alive in a different way than I was before.

But I couldn’t find an opportunity to experience those gifts that wasn’t gatekept behind a lengthy audition process. Or a vision-obstructed mezzanine ticket. (I exaggerate; there are companies in the city producing outstanding and accessible work, but even if every show in the city cost $20 I still couldn’t afford to see everything I want to).

So I started hosting free, open-to-everyone play readings. There is no long-term commitment or preparation required, and our actors-for-the-evening volunteer for roles night-of. The monthly readings have felt enriching, connected, and supportive in a way that isn’t common. I hope anyone curious will join us for an evening. 

Our community would benefit from having you.

Sign up for Let’s Read A Play at this link

About Jack Disselhorst

Jack teaches the Meisner Technique here at Green Shirt. In addition to teaching acting classes, Jack works for the National Runaway Safeline which serves as the national communications system for runaway and homeless youth. He also makes a mean homemade lemonade.