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Former Green Shirt Studio students perform in 24-Hour Play Festival

24 Hour Play Festival

The Agency Theater Collective – which is run by Andrew Gallant and Sommer Austin, of Green Shirt Studio – is excited to announce its Dirty Little Secret 24-hour Play Festival, taking place on June 27 at Stage 773!

A total of 30 actors will gather together the night before at a fundraising event on June 26, where they will gather stories about secrets from the attendees. They’ll then have 24 hours to write, direct and rehearse seven original 10-minute plays.

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The festival is being curated by two former Green Shirt Studios acting students — Sara Richmond and Amanda Raquel Martinez – and several other former acting students are involved as well, including:


  1. Patrick Burch
  2. Ryan Brankin
  3. Heidi Anderson
  4. Adrian Anguiano
  5. Reggie Ruivivar
  6. Molly Meacham
  7. Alex Molnar
  8. Otis Dominique
  9. Ashley Agbay


  1. Kate Jacobsen
  2. Kayla Freeman
  3. Anson Poe


  1. Sommer Austin (instructor)
  2. Lavina Jadhwani (instructor)

We’re so proud of everyone’s willingness to jump into the unknown and put their work out in front of the public in such a vulnerable way.

Come support all of the performers! Tickets are $7. Get yours today!