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3 Things Only Online Acting Classes Could Teach

3 Things Only Online Acting Classes Could Teach

Trying to develop acting skills during quarantine is a challenge.

While the Green Shirt community has met in-person for our Meisner classes, our instructors have also developed programming specifically for the online platform to help our students stay connected to their craft and continue growing from home.

If you are interested in taking a break from your busy schedule and developing your acting skills online, our Zoom classes provide unique opportunities to hone your craft.

Online acting classes teach lessons that can only be learned in a remote environment. They are a great glimpse into the current state of auditions and teach how to utilize video as a tool for development. Plus, our students come to realize that they are always minutes away from a distraction-free practice space to cultivate their artistic spirit.

Audition Prep

The auditioning landscape is changing. With the rise of COVID-19, many producers were forced to take their hiring process online, requiring many job seekers to learn how to prepare for online auditions.

Seeing your own face staring back at you can be intimidating at first, but you will learn to harness video communications as a new medium for your auditions. You will have the opportunity to perfect your home setup and develop good habits in preparation for self tapes and zoom callbacks. For more about audition prep and acting for the camera, check out Intro To Acting For Tv/Film with Josh Cahn and Mastering The Monologue Audition with Andrew Gallant

Artistic Practice

As artists, sometimes we get into the habit of thinking we can only be creative under certain conditions. We need the cabin in the mountains to write the novel or the perfect group of collaborators to devise the next great play.

When you build the habit of logging into class, you will realize that you can take your practice with you anywhere. Part of the remote experience is also about learning to adjust to your environment, which is a lesson best learned as you take your acting practice with you wherever you go.

Getting into the habit of logging into class from your living room will provide you with constant opportunities for growth. It helps us to see that we can be creative anywhere. To develop your at home artistic practice, check out Write The Ten-Minute Play with Andrew Gallant and Storytelling Level 1: Start Your Story with Jack Schultz.

A Focused Space

After creating a solid workspace from home, online acting classes are a great way to work on your process and develop your skills in an environment free of distractions.

While in-person classes bring a social element (which is awesome — something I think we all need), if you just want to focus purely on the work, online classes create a hyper-focused space. 

Your craft becomes the focal point of your practice because Zoom doesn’t allow for background noise.


These are only a few of the differences between in-person and online acting classes, which goes to show that these are two very different tools to add into your acting training.

Our relationship to the craft of acting is one of constant development. It involves engaging with your truest self in changing environments while staying present with your fellow collaborators. Building this skill requires practice and these classes equip you with unique tools that you need to keep growing as an actor.