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3 Steps To Be More Creative

3 Steps To Be More Creative

Last Sunday I went to a workshop hosted by Green Shirt student Tom Herman. Inspired by our work in class and his other theatrical interests, Tom is putting a group together to create a show using a combination of Meisner’s coming to the door exercise and improv. Over the last two months, Tom’s hosted a handful of these workshops and invited other Green Shirt students to test out this devising method and plans to share their work with an audience later this year.

I left feeling inspired and recognized three aspects of this workshop that reminded me how I can be more creative.

1. Create in Community

Tom had an idea, got others involved by talking about it in class, sending out a few emails, and other students showed up willing to try something new. This type of community support is the bedrock of my creativity

I have never been able to create anything alone. The only way my creativity has been able to flourish is with the support of others in my community. So I’ve had to get better at asking others for help and that isn’t easy. Being at the workshop last Sunday reminded me how important it is to create in community.

2. Make a Schedule

At the end of the workshop on Sunday, Tom talked about plans for a long term vision leading up to a performance.

Artists sometimes don’t want to do this. Create a plan. I’ll put myself in that category too. I can be one of those, “I’ll work when the artistic spirit strikes me,” kind of people and that is when I’m the least creative.

I’ve put out my best work when I have a deadline. When I’ve blocked out time to work on a project knowing that I’ve set a clear due date. That due date has been a public performance, a reading with friends, sharing something online. I’m my most creative self when I’ve given myself structure.

3. Follow the Fear

Walking to the workshop on Sunday, I felt afraid. I wasn’t sure what to expect and it’s been years since I’ve done improv so when I got there I had that sweaty neck, tight throat feeling.

While uncomfortable, that feeling is a good marker that I’m about to do something that’s going to challenge me to tap into my creativity.

The workshop last Sunday helped me remember to keep doing things that make me feel uncertain because in that uncertainty, something really exciting can be created.

Wanna learn more about what Tom is putting together and might be interested in taking part? You can reach him at He’d love to hear from you!