Acting can be fun. Don’t let it get around.

-Sanford Meisner




Welcome to Green Shirt Studio. We are certified instructors of the Sanford Meisner Approach to Acting as trained by master teacher Larry Silverberg. We are smart, funny, passionate and just a little bit punk. Our belief is that your acting should be as real as the shirt on your back.

What we do

We train actors to live as authentically on stage (or in front of a camera) as they do they in their lives. Probably more so. We ask you to ask more of yourself. We love humanity and invite you to explore it with us.


SUMMER 2014 classes are now posted! Check them out here!

Art of Slow Comedy – Improv for Actors

Instructor: Jimmy Carrane

Stop playing a character and learn how to be yourself. With improv training, you can tap into the emotional authenticity of the moment and connect with the other actors on stage to make your performance more believable and more real. Learn how to bring your own emotions into your performance and take your acting and improvising  to a whole new level. $279 for 6 weeks. Enroll at jimmycarrane.com

Upcoming Sessions:
Mondays (7/21 – 8/25), 6:30pm-8:30pm