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4 Ways to Get Cast More in 2019

4 Ways to Get Cast More in 2019

Is one of your goals as an actor to get cast in more roles in 2019? If so, we have good news for you. This is something you can do something about!

Many actors mistakenly believe that their success is all due to how well they perform during an audition. But the truth is, getting cast in a show has just as much to do with who you know as it does with how well you audition. That’s why it’s essential to put yourself out there as much as possible so directors and casting agents recognize your name and your face when you walk in the audition room.

Here are a few ideas for ways you can increase your profile to help you get cast more in 2019:

  1. Email directors you want to work with
    One of the best ways to get on a director’s radar is to reach out to him or her with a personal note. To find a director’s email address, look on the staff page of individual theater’s website, and if it’s not there, you can try calling the theater company to ask for it. (Do not just send the email to a generic email address). You can also search for the director on Google to see if he or she has a personal website with contact info.

    In your email, explain why you would like to work with that specific theater company, and if the company has announced its line-up for next season, you can mention any parts that you think you might be a good fit for and offer to come in and audition. Don’t forget to do follow-ups, too!
  2. Go to plays and stay afterwards
    Another way to increase your profile in the Chicago theater community is to make a point of attending various plays, especially those put on by the companies that you’d like to work with. Be brave and talk to other audience members before the show or during intermission (I know one actor who got a meeting with an agent who happened to be sitting next to her at a play), and stay afterward to try to congratulate the actors and directors who were part of the show. Another tip: Directors almost always go to the show on opening night, so that’s a great time to make an appearance.
  3. Go to acting networking events
    You might think that meeting other actors isn’t as effective as meeting directors. But the truth is that the more connections you have in the industry the better. You never know when an actor may mention your name to a director as a good person to work with, or when an actor may write or direct a show himself. Plus, actors can give you leads on other plays and auditions in the works. If you’re looking for some good groups to join, check out the Chicago Film and Acting Meetup, the Chicago Acting in Film Meetup, SAG-AFTRA events, and more.
  4. Take a class
    If you’re looking to get cast in a play, one of the best things you can do is sign up for an acting class taught by working director. This is a great opportunity for the director to see your work and to build a personal relationship with him or her. At Green Shirt, for example, we have classes taught by director Cordie Nelson, as well as frequent guest workshops by prominent directors. Even if you take a class that isn’t taught by a working director, you will still make connections with other actors, who may be able to recommend you for parts in the future.