Jeremy Cohn

Jeremy M. Cohn HeadshotA Chicago area native, Jeremy Cohn first encountered the Alexander Technique while earning his B.F.A in Acting from Boston University. For most of his teenage life, he felt like a mind and imagination trapped in an uncooperative body filled with tension and awkwardness. Studying Alexander Technique under accomplished teacher Betsy Polatin (author of the bestselling book The Actor’s Secret) changed his life. He learned how to live “in” his body—to see it not as a tool but as an integral part of his whole self. He discovered improved posture, breathing, and freedom in performance, as well as gaining half an inch of height. As a professional actor living in Chicago, he found himself returning to the Technique again and again as a way of not only improving his acting, but of maintaining his health and well-being among the hectic and demanding life of an actor balancing multiple jobs and long hours to make ends meet. He was recruited to be in the first graduating class of the ATTIC, a 1600 hour, three-year long AmSat (American Society for the Alexander Technique) teacher training course in the Edgewater neighborhood founded by Master Teacher Daria Okugawa. As an extension of the program, he has assisted numerous workshops and classes, including those at Roosevelt University and Paola Coletto’s School for Theatre Creators. He maintains a private teaching practice, Freedom in Motion Alexander Technique, in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.

As an actor, Jeremy has performed with the Tony-Award winning Huntington Theatre Company and Boston Playwright’s Theatre. Chicago credits include work with the Court Theatre, First Folio Theatre, Chicago Dramatists, and Commedia Beauregard among others. He is also a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. In his spare time he gives bicycle tours of the city.