Ann Marie White

A. M. WhiteAnn Marie White is a cross-over artist currently residing in Chicago, IL. She specializes in light opera, vocal chamber music, and classic musical theatre. Her vocal abilities are matched with tumbling and acrobatic talents and choreography and stage direction experience.  After completing a graduate degree in vocal performance in 2013, she moved to Chicago where she currently studies with W Stephen Smith (voice), Yasuko Oura (repertoire coaching), and several teachers at the Joel Hall Dance Center.

Ann Marie’s credits attest to her musicianship and expertise with new and unfamiliar works. See the roles/repertoire/resume tab for a selected listing.

Ann Marie’s colorful soprano enhances her most important asset; a dynamic, experienced stage presence which allows her to develop depth of character and engage audiences even in non-theatrical venues. Ann Marie has a keen interest in interdisciplinary productions which combine music, theatre, dance, and academia in non-traditional contexts. She is particularly inspired by projects which combine artistic disciplines in order to communicate with audiences on multiple levels. Ann Marie is currently in training to become designated as a Linklater voice teacher.