Questions about our classes

Who is the Meisner work for?

Meisner trained everyone from seasoned performers to absolute newcomers. As long as a student is dedicated and diligent, the gifts of this work can be tremendous.

I’ve heard that Meisner training is all about crying and throwing chairs. Why would I want to be around that?

There are a lot of horror stories out there about Meisner work and, frankly, a lot of teachers who keep the bad rap alive. Unlike many other approaches, this training does NOT encourage students to recall traumatic events or anything else that could be potentially harmful to the student. We work hard to foster a supportive, nurturing and fun environment and have no agenda beyond helping fellow performers grow artistically. We believe that an acting class must not be a therapy session and your training with us will not be one.

I’m primarily an improviser. Is Meisner training useful to me?

The Meisner approach is improvisational in nature so it serves as a perfect bridge between improv and script based performance. This technique is also excellent at fostering true spontaneity, getting performers to trust their impulses, getting performers out of their heads and many other skills that are essential to improvisers. Simply put: Meisner training will help your Improv. Additionally, sketch writers and playwrights will gain a huge amount of insight into dramatic structure and the kind of elements that make a good scene as they participate in and watch the exercises.

Do I have to start at Level 1 or can I just take the classes I want?

If you’ve never had Meisner training, than you must start at the beginning. Because of the progressive nature of the work, not learning the early steps would leave you stranded in the higher level classes. If you have studied Meisner before, it is possible for you to skip the first level as long as you can demonstrate sufficient knowledge and ability. Classes other than Meisner are open to everyone.

There are other Meisner teachers around, so why should I study with you?

We are passionate about this work and are the recipients of Meisner Teaching certifications through master teacher Larry Silverberg. In addition to our certification, studying with us will give you the benefit of having highly trained acting, voice, movement and casting professionals working in tandem to guide you through the training. We meet regularly to strategize just how best to get our students to the next level of their acting. Oh, and uh, we’re also an inexpensive alternative to a lot of the other training programs in town.

Why is a place that specializes in the Meisner Approach to Acting called “Green Shirt Studio?”

We know, we get this a lot. Short answer: It’s an inside joke about the training. Long answer: In the first stages of Meisner training, the exercise revolves around making simple, truthful, physical observations about your scene partner such as, ‘you’re wearing a GREEN SHIRT’ etc. It must be a REAL observation and it must be SPECIFIC. At the end of the day, we believe that is precisely what great acting is: honest and specific. So, we decided to call ourselves GREEN SHIRT STUDIO as an homage to that critical lesson we learn at the very beginning of the work.