The Art of Slow Comedy with Jimmy Carrane

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The Art of Slow Comedy Level 2 – The Guts

Instructor: Jimmy Carrane

In the second level of The Art of Slow Comedy, you will apply the slow and patient style you learned in (Fun)damentals to create successful and more memorable two-person scenes. You will learn to trust your instincts, and know that everything you need for a great scene is off your partner. And you’ll get direct feedback from Jimmy on your strengths and weaknesses to hone your skills as an improviser.

In this six-week class, you will learn how to:

  • How to create organic two-person scenes by listening and building off the last the words spoken
  • Making the “game in the scene” simple
  • Creating strong, believable characters with comedic points of view
  • Starting your scene in the middle
  • Stopping being so polite on stage
  • Going to the dark side
  • Heightening through emotion and/or premise

Class limited to 14 people. $289 (Only $259 if you register by Aug. 23). Register at

Upcoming Sessions:
Wednesdays (9/6 – 10/18), 6:30pm-8:30pm