The Art of Slow Comedy with Jimmy Carrane

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The Art of Slow Comedy Level 1

Instructor: Jimmy Carrane

The Art of Slow Comedy is a fresh approach to scenic improvisation, based on the idea that before you can be funny, you need to be real. In this first level of Jimmy Carrane’s unique method, you will learn that you don’t have to invent something to be funny; audiences respond to real life situations and performers who are brave enough to be honest. This class is appropriate for those new to improv and seasoned improvisers looking for a new approach. In this class, you’ll work on:

  • Responding emotionally to your scene partner
  • Using the environment and object work to create powerful scenes
  • Being authentic and vulnerable on stage
  • Improvising with all your emotions, including anger
  • Developing your unique comedic voice
  • Play the reality of the scene
  • Performing both group and two-person scenes
    Class limited to 14 people. $289 (Only $259 if you register by Dec. 27). Register at

Upcoming Sessions:
Wednesdays (1/10 – 2/14), 6:30pm-8:30pm